Five Important Tips to Stay On Top of Your Health During the Holidays

Holidays is that time of the year where we are greeted with mouth-watering foods around the table.

We may be caught up with all the fun and excitement that the holiday may bring, but being mindful of our health is also important.

Without watching our health, we might never do the things we enjoy.

In this article, we provided a list of ways to keep you healthy during the holidays and keep your Immune system at peak levels during the most important times of the year!

  • Heartburn prevention

  • Foods are everywhere especially during holidays. But be careful, you might get a heartburn as you’re busy devouring that food in the table. Limiting yourself from eating unhealthy foods is the best way to prevent heartburn. You can still enjoy your favorite holiday treats but you should also be cautious and consume them moderately at the same time. Just don’t overstuff yourself and you’ll be fine. If you ever feel that your stomach can’t take it anymore, take a break. Get up and move around for a few minutes to let the food digest inside before having another bite.
  • De-Stress

  • The holidays is full of activities that can cause you stress. You’re maybe tired because of moving around, cooking, preparing, and all other holiday stuff. Find time to de-stress yourself. Do some yoga, or find your inner peace by meditation. You can also ask a request to your partner to give you a neck and shoulder massage for a few minutes. Take your time to relax to fully prepare your body before the holiday housework begins.
  • Take Your Daily Vitamins

  • Don’t let your busy holiday chores make you forget to take your daily vitamins. Our bodies are vulnerable to health related issues especially when we’re stressed. So it’s very important to take our daily vitamins to fuel our bodies in this time of the year. Don’t forget to take your multivitamins before eating. It can help you absorb nutrients better especially when you’re eating lots of heavy meals in this season.
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

  • Soda and wine are always present during holidays. It’s okay to drink these kinds of beverages as long as you drink plenty of water too. Always keep a water bottle beside you especially when you’re travelling or just jogging around outside in the cold weather. Water can help you refuel your immune system during those stressful holiday moments.
  • Winter Workouts

  • Finding time to exercise during the holidays seems impossible. But there’s nothing wrong when doing a simple 20-minute winter walk every time you wake up in the morning. Gather up your family and take them to a stroll down the neighborhood under the soft breeze of winter. Too lazy to go out? Turn a spare room at your home into a little workout hub filled with yoga mats, dumbbells and water bottles around. Invite your friends and family to do some workouts before the evening comes.
  • New year is fast approaching and it’s the perfect time to include some workout goals on your new year’s resolution. If this is the year where you’re busy getting fat, maybe next year is the time where you’re going to be busy pumping those muscles out. Re-evaluate your daily activities, find what’s best for you and what’s not. And time to start shaping up that body for a healthier you.

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